1. Ensuring customer satisfaction,
2. Create Total Quality and continuous awareness of all personnel,
3. In order to eliminate error sources of error of the analysis performed consciously at all levels,
4. By reducing costs, increasing productivity, improving performance to raise capital.
5. Responsibility to the consumer rather than the necessity of the quality system considered and to be implemented
6. Continuous improvement of process and product reliability, to make the quality costs as optimum realization
7. Our shipment on time and in the desired amount to be done
8. Establish long term relationships with our suppliers,


1. Environmental & OHS comply with applicable legal and other requirements related to
2. By identifying our risks, take necessary measures for the prevention of injuries and health deterioration.
3. Provide our waste reuse
4. Environmental & OHS issues affected by our activities to educate our employees and our suppliers, inform and check them, and a review of our system and by providing continuously improve.
5. The efficient use of energy and natural resources,
6. To participate in and encourage partipication of Environmental & OHS-related activities.

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